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if you have a space (or are willing to rent one) that can seat 90-110 people and are willing to also shout some food, beers, and soft drinks?

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Now canvassing for 2020! We tend to alternate on Wednesdays and Thursdays to give people a chance to come who may have prior engagements on either evening. The dates below are a line in the sand and we're open to modifying them for your awesome space if required.

iNOG::15v (online/virtual only) - Late May 2020 - Fri 4pm
iNOG::16 - Late June/July 2020 - Fri 4pmpm


We (the iNOG community) are open to any space such that it can comfortably and safely seat a minimum of 90 people albeit a 100+ person space is desirable!. We tend to see 75% attendance on RSVP numbers for free events (this is even with multiple reminders).You don't have to have a massive space but it has to be suitable (seriously fit-for-purpose!) for events. Ongoing community feedback has shown that the most successful spaces are warm, comfortable, and quiet. We must have a PA(Public Address) system, ample screen size (and additional digital signage if possible), and the ability to record video including laptop output is ace!). If you can not record the talks we can sometimes assist with an adhoc solution, but we prefer if the host organisation or venue use their in-house set up. Spaces must be certified to hold the capacity communicated to us i.e. have all the relevant fire certification and exit lighting/escape routes.

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Who comes to iNOG?

Industry veterans, academics, system engineers/architects, infosec, programmers, students, career change seekers, hobbyists etc. but mostly we're a bunch of engineers, managers, and hackers from a range of MNCs(Multi-National Companies), Enterprises, Service Providers, VARs(Value Added Resellers), 'web scale' platforms, SMEs(Small to Medium Enterprises), SMBs(Small to Medium Businesses) etc. but don't worry about the acronyms. You're likely to bump in to technical people from Workday, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Indeed, Intercom, SIG, Cisco, Juniper, Arista, Eir, BT, HEAnet, Virgin Media, INEX, Blacknight, Asavie, Redbrick/DCU, DIT, CCT...

We tend to see 75% attendance on RSVP numbers for free events (due to frequent communication efforts), we:

  • open RSVPs 30-45 days in advance (otherwise people 'event' squat)
  • as an example; if we can safely, legally, and financially accommodate 100 people, we will advertise our final max RSVP as 140
  • manage our waitlist by releasing 80% (112), then 10%(14), then 10%(14) of our RSVP spots alongside our emails below
  • send out reminder emails and requests to update RSVPs 7, 2 and 1 days in advance
  • use Tito for ticketing and RSVPs and think you should too!


For now, we strongly favour central locations in Dublin, Ireland, in the central business district but are open to both other towns, cities, and urban locations (if there is strong enough demonstrable interest!).


Mini-conference evenings usually take place from 6.30pm-10pm and comprised of 2 (preferably co-located) parts.

  • The first part is from 6.30pm to 8.00pm: Introduction, Lightning talks x3 (15mins each) and the Thunder talk x1 (25mins), and community outro.
  • The second part is from 8.00pm to 10.00pm: The get-to-know-your-community portion which is all about connecting with and welcoming new members whilst deepening the relationships within our growing community of practice.
Note: We have a Program Committee(PC) in iNOG who help source and screen speakers, however hosts get to optionally provide the Thunder Talk of the evening (which must adhere to the no selling, no recruiting, and Code of Conduct)


We don't expect every host to be able to fill our bellies but providing some healthy food from 6pm (with options for vegetarians, vegans, and coeliacs) is smiled upon! Even if you don't have catering on-site, usually some pizzas can fill the gap. We use the 0.4 pizzas per person expected e.g. 100 and 20% vegetarian, 5% vegan and 5% gluten free when ordering. We also love to have some refreshments on hand:

  • non-alcoholic (soft drinks / juices) 0.3 per person expected e.g. 100
  • alcoholic (helps with social lubrication!) 1.5-2 beers per person expected e.g. 100
  • tea/coffee
  • water
We have found that the metrics X above per person attending covers the distribution well. We recommend that drinks are available throughout the evening and do like to feed attendees as quickly as possible! Reach out to us even if you think catering is going to be a challenge!


We tend to plan iNOGs with host organisations anything from 6-16 weeks in advance (the earlier the better!) and have custom event runsheets covering everything here and more. About 4-5 planning calls of 30mins or more (most of which usually take place closer to the event). We also mandate an early AV test run and walk-through with all speakers and organisers on-site 3-10 days in advance. We do strongly advocate the 5Ps!


We will happily co-market and co-brand the event but do not allow any sales pitches or recruitment drives. By virtue of bringing a group of specialists together, we understand the inherent value in the group but also the fragility of community. We advocate that the better the attendee experience in your space (without being sold to in any way) actually means that you are passively demonstrating your culture to engineers and actively engaging in what we call "sheep-dipping" in your brand/organisation. We only allow "swag" that is opt-in and not in the direct path of attendees where they actively have to refuse it to partake in the normal event experience. Don't get us wrong, we love free stuff, but it has to be opt-in!

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We also subscribe to and are super serious about our Code of Conduct in relation to talks, spaces, events, online interaction and the values we promote.

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