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Let's build an inclusive, open, and healthy Community of Practice around all aspects of network engineering. The Irish Network Operators Group (iNOG) is re-birthing local community around network engineering and learning. We're focused on diversity, sharing, and of course connecting and having fun.


Thu 08 Jun 2017
6:00 PM to 9:30 PM
Amazon, Dublin

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iNOG::B 07.03.2017

Googlicious garage style networking

For our second visit to Google we were privy to double demos, new BGP extensions, and the SRE(Site Reliability Engineer) mindset exposed. An evening of learning and sharing from the garage with new stickers for all thanks to the wonderful work of Mr. Keegan!

Special mention to Shane who drove the whole shebang! Also to Darren and Phil who helped orchestrate and intro the night. Thank you dear Googlers! For full size versions of the photos below (and more) check out the view through the lens of a smartphone over here.

The demo gods were smiling...

Super thanks as always to greeters @John, @Mark and @Ivan for setting the early vibe + also to @Brian , @Oliver , and @Philip for setting up the space!

iNOG::A 24.11.2016

An all night IPv6 extravaganza

Our good friends in SIG hosted us in their awesome offices for a night of pure IPv6 goodness. With talks both local and remote, with speakers from all over the globe, and a longer (but oh-so-enjoyable) social session at the end, it was a fitting last iNOG for such an amazing year!

Great effort organizing this evening from Rommel (wouldn't have been there without you mate!), Tom, Peter, Chris, Sinead, Mark, John, Richard and the extended SIG network team, all excellent people and solid supporters of iNOG! Photos below, awesome as always, from our master shooter Jose!

A fairytale with dual-stack turkeys!

Massive thanks to everyone that helped us on the night, the place was buzzing with activity. Special mentions go out to Brian and Lorcan, our most excellent greeters, and Kev, Richard and Ian our AV gurus!

iNOG::9 28.09.2016

A league all of its own with double XP for all attendees

Legendary evening at Riot Games EU HQ who raised the bar once again on venue, preparation, and especially AV capture and share!

Rioters Rodrigo, Ivo, John and extended team really out did themselves on the evening and couldn't have supported the community more. What can we say except we're a lucky bunch o' neteng! Thank you! Riot Games really is one place oozing both cool and culture! As always, a knowing nod and hat tip to presenter and photographer Jose for braving the first slot and official photography!

A pointer made of pure awesome!

A mountain of thanks to everyone that helped us on the night, with special mentions for Brian + John who greeted all of our guests for the evening and Mark + Keith for getting us in touch with Rodrigo and making the whole thing possible!

iNOG::8 19.07.2016

No mention of Pokémon but eclectic nonetheless!

What a mix of topics! We were welcomed to Arista Networks' new space in the docklands on a super sunny July evening (but still managed to fill the presentation room)!

Much love to Alan, Emer, David and Colin in Arista for their space, energy, munchies and welcome! Extra thanks to Lorcan from HEAnet / Redbrick DCU for being the AV guy on the night! Thanks also to Victor for set up and of course Jose for photography!

A buffer full of NetEng!

We thought no one would show up due to the weather but Amanda and Dylan braved the sun outside to meet, greet, and be the shining faces of iNOG for the evening! Thanks a mil!

iNOG::7 12.05.2016

With blue skies and green fields we met!

We think this was one of the most social, mellow, and giggletastic' events kindly kneaded, baked, and recorded in Zendesk's new event space!

Super special thanks to Vicente and best of luck in SF, we're gonna miss you man and especially your energy! Extra thanks to Cassiano and Vinicius for all your ongoing support and orchestration in the wings and to Zendesk for hosting us!

More than a baker's dozen!

What a great evening that also saw Nathalie from RIPE NCC and NLNOG not just visit and attend, but get stuck in welcoming and greeting people from the outset! Thanks a lot!

iNOG::6 09.03.2016

A storm of a time with Lightning and Thunder galore!

We think this was one of the funnest and biggest (almost 100 people) meetups yet!

Many thanks to Jose for kicking it all off (and taking photos) and Jennifer + Facebook for hosting us in the new event space (with *all* the Irish craft beers, drinks, and food). Hat tip also to Richard and gang for the cocktails and giggles in the engine room! We hope you connected and met both old and new friends alike... as donkey would say, crackalackin!

And now with moving pictures!

Special thanks to Darragh and Mike who did an amazing job on the AV and Video Production to make us all look a lot better than we were!

iNOG::5 26.01.2016

Babel-networks and navigating internally conscious darkwebs!

150mins and ~45 (or so) netengs @ Workday for live demos and super important mental health topics! With a slight format change this time we socialised, drank, and snacked first, and then were treated to:

  • Amanda Galligan (Workday) On Network As Code (with 2 live demos!) - SLIDES
  • Keith Humphreys (BT) Check Your Head (No slides, epic story, with dark subject matter balanced by wonderful wit!) - NO SLIDES

Special thanks to Amanda and Workday for hosting us in such an awesome space, with lovely drinks, and lots of pizza. Hope you all had a great time learning, sharing, and connecting! Y'all come back now ye' hear!

iNOG::4 01.12.2015

Open DDOS, CWN(Community Wireless Networks), and Jupiter Rising!

2.5 hours and 53 netengs @ a festive Google HQ in Dublin!
Video recordings are work in progress! Presenting we had:

  • Vicente (Zendesk) On open source recipe for DDOS mitigation. - SLIDES
  • Oliver Herms (Google) Freifunk - Introduction to free and open wireless community networks - SLIDES
  • Phil Sykes (Google) Jupiter rising: A decade of Clos topologies and centralized control in Google’s datacenter networks - SLIDES

Much gratitude to Googlers: Shane, Darren, and Costi for hosting us in such an lovely space with awesome Dublin views (not forgetting the pizza and drinks on Level1 too)!

iNOG::3 06.10.2015

Sharks and Pythons on-board the USS Complexity!

Two hours and 24 netengs in attendance! Woohoo, we're growing and we love it!

The whole thing was recorded and can be found on Youtube here. (Many thanks to Jamie for the awesome setup!). Presenting we had:

  • Jose from Facebook (Dr. NMS or: How Facebook learned to stop worrying and love the network) - SLIDES
  • Darren from Google (Starting to code as a NetEng and side projects) - SLIDES
  • Cristian from Redbit Networks (Sink or Swim - Cisco IWAN) - SLIDES

Massive thanks to Airbnb and Donal for hosting us, in a fantastic location and with as many drinks, snacks and pizza as we could possibly want!

iNOG::2 08.09.2015


What a great evening! We were hosted by the wonderful Intercom (thanks Brian, Niamh, and Bob) and had double the numbers of iNOG::1 with 12 people attending.

Introductions, a spot of admin and two great lightning talks: first one about Open Network Design presented by Donal and the second was an excellent technical and historical journey around the Internet in Ireland with Barry O'Donovan from INEX i.e. the Irish Internet EXchange (IX).

We had amateurs and professionals alike in attendance and afterwards we went for a quick drink in O'Donoghues nearby. We'd love to see you at iNOG::3 on Oct 6th 7pm at Airbnb :)

iNOG::1 11.08.2015

A meet'n'greet, with beer, a boat and engineers.

Graciously hosted by DoSpace.ie